Susanne Reinhold 


Therapeutic qualities of the Lyre/Fairytale and Lyre (the same group of people)

Workshop: The soft and very pure sound of the Lyre brings the characteristic elements of music close to our heart. Playing, listening , experiencing.
Afternoon follow-up lyre group:  Music can show the inner development of a fairytale. We will play Lyre -compositions to fairytales with music and try to find our own music to a Czech fairy tale. 

Level: All levels/ability to read music

Language: German/English 

John Billing


"Traditional Irish Slow Airs" 

Using the hauntingly beautiful melodies of old Ireland as our starting point we'll explore the realm of pure melody and the world of melody with different kinds of harmony/accompaniment.
We'll play as "ensemble" and also study how to accompany a melody as a solo player.
As well as your lyre please bring another instrument if you wish! 

Afternoon´s Lyre group: Let's play together the music we played together around the world during the "lockdown" time! As Veronika Roemer said: let's create a"Mantle of Lyre Sound" around the earth, to help with the healing, strengthening, and spiritual striving of humanity."

Level: All levels/ability to read music

Language: English  

Jan Braunstein 

(Czech republic)

Organic Improvisation

With the aim to discover new musical forms coming out of presence, we shall practice various musical and improvisational skills. Through inspiration gained by exploring various musical fenomena and observing musical gestures of life, we will create our own music from within, trying to establish and consciously develop individual motifs. Instead of using known and pre-learned schemes, we will rather start with a "blank canvas" and base our work of art on freedom, awareness and careful listening.

Level: Intermediate/Advanced Language: Czech/English

Helena Hlaváčková Bartošová & Hong Chang Kim

(Czech republic, South Korea)

Music, word and Fairy tale - workshop for children and youth 

Through the quality of tones, intervals and scales we get to song music and dramatic music. We will work in a fairy tale with the elements and eventually with the search for our own fairy tale and musical improvisation. 

Level: All levels, suitable for the beginners



Hong Chang Kim

(South Korea)