The complete team of lecturers will be presented during March.

John Billing (Ireland)

John met the lyre as a volunteer in a Camphill therapeutic home in 1977. He has partly studied music therapy and has taught music in Waldorf schools in Australia. He began a career as solo lyre performer in 1995 traveling through Northern Europe and in the USA , Australia, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan.
In recent years he spent a lot of time teaching intensively in many cities in China just as the boom in Waldorf education and lyre-playing was on the rise.
John continues to compose new music for lyre and arrange traditional music of the British Isles and Ireland.
He is still touring with solo and collaborative concerts and teaching.

Hong Chang Kim (South Korea)

Hong Chang Kim is a music therapist, class teacher and music teacher for Waldorf Education.
Studied anthrophosophical music therapy in Berlin and Waldorf Education training course in Stuttgart, Germany.
He worked as a class teacher and music teacher in curative Waldorf school in Germany, and recently working as a teacher in training course of anthroposophical music therapy in Korea.

Jan Braunstein (Czech republic)

Jan Braunstein brings his experience as a waldorf teacher, music therapist, lyre teacher, conductor, freelance musician and lyre innovator. He gives lessons and workshops and performances (mostly as a solist) around the world. He is the founder of Ateliér Délos.

Susanne Heinz


Susanne Heinz is Music therapist in Munich. She was studied first Music with guitar and piano, then she studied in the Free Music School for 3 years.
She wrote the Einführung in das Leierspiel. Available in Japanese and German.
She founded and was conductor of the lyre-orchestra in Munich. Gives concerts (many times with Nobuko Izumoto) and seminars for the lyre in Japan, China and South Korea.
Now in pandemic time she is writing arrangements and own pieces for her pupils.

Helena Hlaváčková (Bartošová) (Czech Republic)

Helena Hlaváčková Bartošová is a Waldorf teacher, therapist, and lyre teacher. She graduated from the Prague Conservatory - Lyre, Music under the direction of J. Braunstein, J. Chromeček, and Z.Dvořák and also studied Music Therapy at the Tabor Academy under Josef Krček and Voice Therapy at the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague. She teaches the lyre and art of qigong and tai-chi in Prague.