Via Lucis Branschovium, z.s.

Via Lucis Branschovium was established in 2012 with a new composition of members (Jan Bartoš, Helena Hlaváčková Bartošová and Martin Vlček) with the intention of organizing cultural and educational events in the former and now gradually reconstructing Vicarage in Branišov in the Highlands. 

In 2012, the first event Day for Branišov took place with the Meeting of Witnesses with a film projection filmed on Admira's camera and a demonstration of native´s photo albums and a concert by John Billing and Elsa von Bodecker for lyre and flute in the adjacent church of saint Wenceslas. 

In 2014, the first Lyre Symposium was held...

AddressBranišov 7, 588 42 Ústí 

IČO: 61382248

Mailing address: Rozýnova 1973/9, Praha 6, 169 00 Czech Republic

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